Bridget Haynes


Animation, Illustration, Design, Writing and much more!

Happy Cat Profile Picture Commission
Happy Cat Profile Picture Commission
Castian the Skiffen
Castian the Skiffen
Digital Painting of a dog in a sweater
In Rememberance of Bitsy
Character Sheet of a fluffy herd animal
Garumph Character Sheet
Image of an unsetling fleshy bunny creature with many eyes and crooked teeth
Rabbit Creature
Sandy colored cartoon cat with black hair and green collar
Cat Character Design
Character sheet of a fat yellow salamander
Cornelius Character Sheet
Cover For Project Night Skye Comic featuring a teal ram with dragon's wings and a blue and red fox
Project Night Skye Cover
An adorable puppy holds a sign decorated with hearts that reads 'death approaches'
Death Approaches Puppy
yellow lion with green main and candy-corn striped ears with a floating crown
Blue raccoon with black stripes and brown hair
Raccoon Design
Image of an anthropropmorphic cat in a nurses uniform with their hands on their head and shadows under their eyes
Nurse Cat
Character Sheet of a blue fox with a robotic front left leg and a skull on his head.
Skull Character Sheet
Sailing ship with wings
The Skye-Byrd
character sheet of an orange snake with a raccoon tail and a sack of money hung around his neck
Slinky Character Sheet
Purple jackalope with bright green antlers
Sludge the Jakalope
Character Sheet of a fluffy grey cat with a cream colored belly and tufts of fur on their ears
Steel Character Sheet
Image of a cat reaching into the river to get a fish, from an angle below the fish in the river
Cat River Fishing
Image of a Webkinz-Style Afgan hound in a purple dress and a crown labeled as 'the queen'
Fairy-Kinz Tailz Evil Queen Design
minimalist orange fox face with purple ears, black eyes and glowing yellow pupils
Halloween TikTok Logo
Fullbody portrait of a grey anthropropmorphic moth with pale wings, wearing large round glasses.
Melanie Moth