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Bridget Haynes

Animation, Illustration, Design, Writing and much more!

Creator of Project Wild Skye

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Digital Art, Traditional Art, Video Editing, Scriptwriting

About Me:

My name is Bridget Haynes, and I was born in 2000. I grew up in Jackson, Michigan.

I grew up facinated by animation. My first animation experience was making two-frame flipbooks, followed by Flipnotes on the Nintendo DSi. Now I use programs such as FlipaClip, Photoshop and After Effects to produce animations. I also have a passion for character design, and have been drawing animals since I could hold a pencil.

I graduated from Lumen Christi Catholic School in 2019, went to Jackson College from 2019 to 2021, and I am currently attending Grand Valley State University, and projected to graduate Winter 2023.

I am starting a part-time career as a freelance digital artist, and my dream is to run an animation studio of my own someday.