Project Wild Skye

Created by Bridget Haynes

Indie Animated Series

Project Wild Skye is a show that I have been working on developing independently since February 2022. It is a project that I am very passionate about, set in a fun fantasy universe with a few darker elements. The cast of characters are all fantasy animals, and most of them are missing their memories, along with their souls. There are currently plans for the adventure to be two seasons long and mostly story-driven, but there is still plenty of story to be told even after that. The series contains a representative cast of characters, including many LGBTQIA+ characters, an autistic character, a character with a prosthetic leg, and a character with vitiligo. A short pilot is already voiced and storyboarded, and the theme song is also in development.


When an intrepid fox receives a mysterious letter from her estranged son, she is called to an adventure where the souls of her entire planet hang in the balance.


Pirate Captain, Pixie Skye, under the invitation of her estranged son, Skull, sails to the Crimson Wood and learns that the life she and her crew know now is a lie. Their memories have been stolen by a powerful entity called Funge. Now they all must work together, despite their rocky relationships to retrieve their memories and home planet.

A copy of the full pitch can be requested through this email