Project Wild Skye

Created by Bridget Haynes

Indie Animated Series

Pixie Skye

Voiced by Haley Gaucher in the scrapped Pilot. Pixie Skye is a bubbly blue and red two-tailed fox and an ex-pirate with a taste for adventure.

Pixie Skye character sheet


Voiced by Max Paul Hinton in the scrapped Pilot. Cornelius is Pixie’s pet salamander. He generally rides on her shoulder.

Cornelius character sheet


Voiced by TunnelFox in the scrapped Pilot. Steel is a fluffy grey and cream-colored cat with a passion for potions. They are a non-binary character. They run a small potion shop out of their quaint mushroom house. They join Pixie on her adventure to gather rare potion ingredients. They are tentative about the adventure as they are a bit of a homebody.

Steel the Cat character sheet


Skull, voiced by Ryan Messcher in the scrapped Pilot, is Pixie’s estranged son, he’s a blue (single-tailed) fox who wears a skull on his head and has a robotic front leg.

Skull Skye character sheet


Castian is a Skiffen (a creature of my own design). He’s a big, fluffy creature with a skull-like face, horns, a fluff-tipped tail, and crystalline wings. Castian has vitiligo which shows up as white, spotty patches in his fur. He is a transgender male. He’s a big sweetheart and ex-courier.

Castian character sheet


Akul, like Castian, is a Skiffen (a creature of my own design). They live in the Crimson Wood. Like Skull, their goal is to restore Farlight. They don’t talk very much, and have Bipolar 2 Disorder.

Akul character sheet