Pride N Joy LLC

Virtual Animation Studio

Telling Stories, Building up Artists.

Welcome to Pride N Joy LLC!

What Is Pride N Joy?

Pride N Joy LLC is a remote animation studio founded by Bridget Haynes dedicated to helping animators fund, organize, and bring to life their animated projects. Pride N Joy is the backdrop and safety net that a sturdy animated project needs. We organize funding, planning and accountability, as well as provide resources on accessibility and social issues to project writers and directors.

Mission Statement

Pride N Joy strives to bring more animated projects to life and share unique stories as well as providing opportunities and experiences for animators, writers, and directors.

We want to share stories made for and by young adults that are also accessible to a wide range of viewers. Each show will be unique, and have its own target audience.

We will support animated projects from independent artists by advertising the project, organizing the funds, and helping directers and producers manage their teams.